The Shadow Of Late Winter

On January 24 I wrote my first post to a closed group of Alumni about Covid-19 and its likely importance for your personal leadership. On March 5 I found lessons from 1918 and shared them in the post below (which I’ve reproduced here). It was for my followers on LinkedIn. It seems to me that it hit and still hits the mark. So, I’ll ask you now, standing a few days ahead of Easter and spring all around us, to look back into the shadows of late winter.

Here you go.

“Awful lot of unknowns on the coronavirus. But I’ve got some knowns–or likely knowns–regarding your leadership and coronavirus. Below are points to remember.

1. The event will be lived now in weeks but told later in months. Stick with a week-at-a-time frame for your leadership in the present moment. Leave the longer time frames for the future when the past is the subject of recollection, remembrance, and hopefully, research.

2. A strain will appear on you, your leadership, and your followers. It will show within your team and between your team and other entities.

3. The strain and its pressure will find the weakest point, that which is most vulnerable to breakage. You may have a sense as to what it will be, meaning it has shown itself before. However, you may also learn it suddenly, in the moment. Don’t let the latter–the surprise–knock you off-balance.

4. Help your followers understand that the strain is not total, though it will feel like it certainly is total, overwhelming, and coming at them from all directions. Help them keep the strain in channels and pockets. Do the same for yourself, which may involve support from another person.

5. A few people will emerge as raw, real, and authentic leaders. They will be revealed.”