Rapids From The River: FIVE Moments From The American Experience For Your Leadership And The 2024 Election

The public mental condition surrounding the 2024 election will be strained, pained, and woundful.

If you are a leader, you will be leading in these elements. Take note—you must prepare yourself in advance.
Take heart as well. There are significant moments in the American past and history that can embolden your leadership and its resilience, endurance, and steadfastness.
To assist you, I have customized and personalized my latest Leadership Now Talkshop—interactive, fast-paced, thought-octaned, and nonpartisan:
“Rapids On The River: FIVE Moments From The American Experience For Your Leadership And the 2024 Election.”
Here’s where I’ll serve as your guide. Think about threes. Think about separateness. Think about the unexpected. This is where we’ll go:
1. Election #3. 1800. It broke the mold on the so-called “establishment”’s grip on presidential power. They key for the 2024 election is that one side will affirm the same is true again amid a shocking level of election hostility.
2. The 3’s of the first quasi-Trump. 1824, 1828, 1832 elections involving Andrew Jackson. He won 2 and lost 1. The key for 2024 will be the simultaneous repercussions of winning and losing for both sides as life decides if the second quasi-Jackson’s win/loss record is 2-1 or 1-2.
3. The mental decision to physically leave the now-known America. The 1860 election illustrates the dynamic of a losing side deciding it no longer knows the current-America. The key for 2024 is obvious, though the true reality is in the rhyming and not the repeating. We’ll be poets.
4. The 3’s of the non-Trump in a Trump-like situation. 1884, 1888, 1892 elections involving Grover Cleveland. The key for the 2024 election is the condition of the American public, technological pressures, and the governmental/constitutional order.
5. The shock of the unexpected death of a POTUS candidate (in this case, the incumbent) in the pre-1924 re-election environment. The key for the 2024 election is the exercise in creative thought as to potential impacts of a similar scene now. This is especially critical in light of junctures with Moments 1-4 above.

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