My Number 33

trump in front of flag

We have a long way to go until November 2016. Countless things can and will happen, some of which will be unexpected and with deep impact. Having offered the proper qualifiers, permit me to suggest that the Number 33 could prove of major importance to Donald Trump if he wins the Republican presidential nomination.

33 or more specifically, one-third.

I suspect that if Trump alters one-third of his current antics he would take a massive step toward victory in November. If he cut away the worst–the coarse and vulgar words, the bullying, and all the rest–and substituted what I’ll call “presidential-ish” behavior, he’d pick up a lot of support he doesn’t have presently. To use his phrasing, he would gain “millions and millions of people and it would be a beautiful thing.” (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Just as important as swapping out the one-third would be retaining the other two-thirds. I say this because a powerful part of Trump’s appeal is is counter-culture approach to political campaigns, politicians, and rote prime-time political robotics. The value of this existing two-thirds can be quickly seen in just one example of many–the video a person shot on their phone at the Carrier plant closing in Indianapolis. There you will see on one side the stereotypical Manager in all his pitiful glory. There you will see on the other side the raw emotion and authenticity of Everyday Workers crackling and sizzling like a severed electrical chord.

The combination of the abruptness, bluntness, and outlandishness with a presidential-ish demeanor could achieve surprising results at ballot boxes across the United States.

I know many of you are skeptical of my comments here. You’re right to be skeptical. I’m skeptical. It’s reminds me of several years ago when fans of Indiana University basketball hoped that then-coach Bob Knight might, even just a little, reform himself enough to tamp down the, shall we say, more colorful displays. Don’t do it, put it down, don’t throw that…

Oh well. There it goes. Across the court.

If only.

And if only it was still merely a basketball game at stake. Sadly, much, much more is on the line for the United States and the rest of the world after November 2016.

One-third or more generally, 33.

knight throwing chair