A Letter One Month Ahead

A Letter One Month Ahead

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Right off the top, I’ll give you a heads-up.

This is a post leaning toward the spiritual, the metaphysical, the cosmic. Kind of.

This is not a post to exclude. My intent is to pose a question that takes you into your own thoughts. For some of you that means into your mind, for some into your soul, for some into both. I do respect the choice to go nowhere at all and to leave this post at once.

A question entered my head last night.

Here it is:

What letter would you write to Jesus one month before his birth?

In asking the question I’m taking a bunch of stuff at face value strictly for the purposes of getting you straight to the question and your thoughts.

Let’s grant that the birth is as the custom holds for me—in late December, putting us roughly one month away. Let’s also grant that source material exists that could—repeat, could, not required—assist you in how you reflect on what you’d write in the letter. I’m referring to the Bible as this “source material”, along with a variety of other writings as well.

You don’t have to be a Believer to write the letter. You can approach it as an exercise of world history if you’d like. Believers, Disbelievers, and Other-Believers alike can write the letter.

It occurs to me that such a letter isn’t that unusual. A parent or sibling might write a letter like this to a baby in the womb, one month away from birth, with the intent of having the child read it at a particular age. I haven’t done that but I can certainly see the value and wisdom in the effort.

So, let’s repeat: What letter would you write to Jesus one month before his birth?

I’ll confess to a little something here. In the first few minutes after I asked myself this same question, I could feel an inner sense of apologizing in my letter. I might go a different direction with more time passing, but that was my instantaneous feeling. To begin with an apology.

Be well today.