2 Minutes With Lincoln

I just had a real moment. It was the experience of an oldest thing in an old thing where I try to do a new thing over and over.

Translation: I’m constantly working on improving my communication in writing and speaking. I do that with a conscious awareness of Abraham Lincoln’s lifelong experience of self-learning communication. And one of Lincoln’s fundamental sources of self-learning was a rock-hard use of Biblical language and Scriptural method in communication.

Example from a King James version of John 8:7–“…He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Totally Lincoln. Let’s unpack.

First, compactness and profound depth are compatible.

Second, perfect split into two parts marked by a comma.

Third, the entire sentence puts you to work in understanding the single idea.

Fourth, rhythmic pairing makes for power–he/him; sin/stone; you/her.

Fifth and finally, a thought ties to an action–you’re looking at yourself in the first half and then challenged to decide how to act as a result of the second half.

Lincoln’s writings are filled with imagery, pacing, and framing drawn from the King James version of the Bible. It’s worth reflecting on.

Be well and thanks for reading. All the best, Dan