2008 and 2011: The Difference In Economy, Then From Now

Yes, there is a difference in the outlook and behavior of companies and organizations, 2008 and 2011. In 2008 the sharp economic downturn caught a lot of people off guard. They were shocked, stunned. Their reserves of cash disappeared. In 2011, from what I can tell in my little corner of the world, people are not as taken aback as they were three years ago. Moreover, they tend to have at least a little more in cash reserves–some, quite a bit more–than in 2008. They will spend money if they see or sense real, true value in the exchange. And I think the likelihood of spending grows when they think they aren’t committing to some permanent or fixed expansion (such as more hiring). For me, I can tell you that I’m nearly inundated with calls and requests for my history-based service. Don’t misinterpret–it has nothing to do with more confidence or optimism about the future. I think it’s just that they want to do something creative and meaningful for themselves without adding a lot of extra, expensive baggage.