Learning From The 1918 Influenza Pandemic: Day 7

The past has a voice.


Having received the list of influenza symptoms from the US Surgeon General, more newspaper editors approve the publishing of articles about the illness. The Philadephia Evening Bulletin reports: “Spanish Influenza Here” while smaller-town publications like the Daily Star in Marion, Ohio describe how illness has appeared in various East Coast cities. A specific word-pattern begins to show up in newspapers, such as “quarantine” and “pneumonia.” 600 soldiers in Philadelphia have suddenly fallen ill from influenza.

A thought for you on Day 7, March 19, 2020, seven days after President Trump declares Covid-19 a national emergency—for each number there’s a name, for each name there’s a face, and for each face there’s a person struggling to make sense of a drastic change in life with no warning, no preparation, and frighteningly, no understanding. A vast empty space has opened up. The worst feeling is to stare into the emptiness and wonder if you are alone.

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