TTP: FuturePast

I happen to believe that the South Carolina Republican primary in early 2016 will one day be seen as the point at which Donald Trump’s nomination reached a critical mass. After it, Trump’s nomination became increasingly probable. The ability to turn in a different direction narrowed with each passing week.

Here’s why. South Carolina in early 2016 was a place with public opinion apparently unfriendly to Donald Trump. Public support for George W. Bush was high. The Iraq War and the War on Terrorism had deep support in the state. The US military as a whole was enormously popular in South Carolina.

Donald Trump spoke openly of his disdain for Bush and the Bush family, renounced the Iraq War and other mistakes he said had been made overseas, and more significantly still, speculated about various nefarious rumors regarding September 11. As a brash New Yorker with no record of military duty, he seemed an uneasy fit in the Palmetto state. If there was ever any place where an opponent of Trump would win decisively without any home-state advantage, where Republican Establishmentarians would right the ship, this was it.

And yet, Trump won the Republican vote in the South Carolina primary by an 11% margin. Crushing. This victory signaled a political earthquake in the Republican Party.

Down the road we could look back at South Carolina and say something of a similar scale shook the Democratic Party in late February 2020 when its version of Donald Trump was at a moment of ascendancy.

Both tonight’s candidate debate and this weekend’s primary vote will serve to either cement into place or jackhammer into pieces the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. The chances are good the one or the other will be true.

In the future we will likely look back to now as a point of critical turning in the past. We will know we were living through history and sensed it at the time, when time was the present. Our self-awareness will be aided by the uncanny resemblance of two people, two junctures, and the same one place separated by four years less a few days.

This is FuturePast.


  1. Eileen Hightower says

    There is absolutely not one doubt about it. America is at a crossroads. Will she be governed by a Godless philosophy of Communism and its promises that we know will not deliver anything but misery and I do mean misery. Those shiny, glittering, ribbons of communism will promise anything to seize power. Just look at Venezuela. All power will be concentrated. We are a Republic not a democracy. Media keeps pounding and the House in Congress keep saying the same thing, that we are a democracy. We Are Not. We are a Republic.

    So, here is the deal. We can either vote for a Godless philosophy or we can vote for President Trump for another four years. IF Bernie ascends the presidency, one can only shudder as to what is coming next. Bern has already said he is going to strip the military of their funds which means America will once more be at the mercy of our enemies. He will strip all of their bank accounts, 401Ks, investments, tax millionaires and billionaires and businesses in this country will become passe. Elections will have consequences the like of which this country has never seen. We will fold like a cheap suit and become just as other empires when they failed. Rome, Medo-Persian etc.
    Oh, it’s a choice alright. A critical choice.

    As far as the Bush dynasty, George Bush opened the door for Obama by the bailout of what I call Government Motors. They are part of the problem as well and a part of the Militarial Industrial Complex. President Eisenhower warned America about this, but we didn’t listen.

    Alexis de Toqueville said it best. “America will cease to be great when she ceases to be good.” He also said our power lay in the pulpits of this great country and woe betide a people who forgets God. “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” God’s Word is immutable and has stood the test of time and dictators, and will continue to stand when the dictators are history. “I AM the Lord. I do not change.” God bless America and God bless President Trump

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