I Now Equal Six

I now equal six.

A month or so ago it was five. I’m adding one to make six.

This is the number of events that have affected me deeply over my lifetime. Like me, you have a number.

For me, three of them are personal and individual. A tornado in the mid-1970s, a baptism in the mid-1990s, and a set of moments made by my wife and two daughters over the past couple of decades.

Then there are the national events. I’ll wager you and I share two of them—9/11 in 2001 and the Meltdown in 2008. The Islamic terrorist attacks destroyed my complacency and began what would ultimately become my own business, Historical Solutions LLC. The financial crash tested if Historical Solutions could survive harsh economic conditions and what form survival might take.

3+2. Now I add one to make six—the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020.

I firmly believe that 9/11, the Meltdown, and Covid 19 share quite a few things in my number of six defining events.

>They force an examination of purpose

>They strip away things that had acquired a veneer of importance

>They demand a set of actions and decisions

>They inject urgency and seriousness at the expense of slowness and frivolity

>They reveal in their sudden shock

Beyond arriving at my new total of six, I can find confidence in my recollections of each of the five points as 9/11 and the Meltdown unfolded. I can apply those recollections to today with #6.

You can do the same. If you’re of a particular age then 2001 and 2008 are part of your River. You know those waters—fast, rough, churning, treacherous. You know they’re not exactly alike, that 2020 has unique features. But don’t let the pounding roar of the rapids right now obliterate your recollections of your capabilities and potential shown then. There is value in your past. Draw from it.

Thanks for reading. All the best, Dan


  1. Yes,these are the rapids I agree. Keep the oar down and look forward………………..

  2. Dave Sicklesteel says

    I think this will be the catalyst towards changes in lifestyle based around
    sustainability of environment by reducing carbon footprint.
    People will have food delivered, people will work from home in huge numbers
    reducing single car commuting, companies will not have large office spaces which is
    the second greatest expense for most corporations behind people. Full time employees
    will drop dramatically and the cost of their benefits. The Gig economy will be the rule.
    Freedoms will decrease due to tracking , monitoring of everything in the name of work
    will tack time on computer or not, like hourly workers.

  3. Eileen Hightower says

    Nothing affects me more in this nation and the state we are in than the departure from God and an alphabet soup of programs from the government to solve all of our problems, spiritual and otherwise.

    We have murdered 63 million babies in this nation and most have wiped their hands and said “it’s a woman’s right to choose”. The sad part of this is America bought the statement and have been regurgitating it ever since. They scratched on the Supreme Courts Doors in opposition to the newest Supreme Court Justice, Bret Kavanaugh, someone who has respect for the life of the unborn. Now they glory in their abortions and what this country once abhorred they now embrace and vote the same in elections. Each one of the candidates not only supports the arm of the Socialist Democrat party, Planned Parenthood, but now are demanding taxpayers, including Christian taxpayers to pay this evil organization to murder these babies. Nevermind about God, the innocent unborn, they will soon be supporting euthanasia and in some places are now doing just that. In Italy, the doctors are now being told to let the old die of corona virus. The democrats don’t care about life from birth to death. But this is distressing for a nation who once believed in God to succumb to these devilish ideologies. There is far more I could write about this, but you get the point.

    Until America makes a return to God, it will be downhill for us in every way. “It is not in man that walketh to direct his own steps.” Jeremiah 10:23

    That law is immutable and cannot and never will be changed to suit man’s whims.

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