A New Sheriff In Town–the lunchroom edition

OK, not me. But as headmaster of the newly opened Miller In-Home Girls School (MIHGS) that has opened at our house since the onset of Covid-19, this photo captures my persona, title, and overall self-image, to say nothing of ego.

Two students, daughters age 18 and 10. Want to see the new world they’re living in? Let’s go into the MIHGS lunchroom, formerly known as our kitchen and nonstop family gathering place.

Me to students: “Don’t throw that away!”

Me again to students: “The dog can eat it.”

Me a third time to students: “Or I can make it into a soup.”

Note to reader: who knew that my years growing up on a small Indiana farm in the 1960s and 1970s would have such a rich payoff?

Gotta go. It’s time for me to ring the bell. Where did I leave my hammer?

Note to Kurt Russell’s agent and legal representative: gimme a break on copyright. It’s Covid-19 after all.


  1. Eileen Hightower says

    I have lived my life by the motto from years ago and in fact embroidered it in a sampler. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” I also have followed the steps of Jesus when he had his disciples “gather up the fragments.” When I have made mashed potatoes and there is anything left. I make fried potato patties. I use bits of chicken and add this to chicken noodle soup. Bananas which are too ripe becomes muffins or banana nut loaf. It’s an excellent way to live and save money. We don’t eat out much, for I am better able to control the salt and sugar content. I just placed a spinach casserole in the oven for lunch. When I buy clothing, I buy quality and have had some scarves and sweaters for years. Classic never goes out of style. Nevertheless, I know what you mean by teaching young people about being frugal. Not stingy, but frugal and watching your money and where you spend. And I don’t mind sharing with my neighbor when they are in need. Gratitude makes what one has into enough.

    Good luck on teaching your daughters. They are extremely fortunate you had great years on a farm. I worked in the cattle industry for 33 years and learned a lot as well and from my grandparents. They lived through the depression. I believe families then were much closer. I raised three sons to be independent and to have a work ethic It takes much labor and study to get your beef from the ranch to the farm and America has been very blessed by God to have such wonderful farmers, rancher and dairymen and let us not forget the knights of the road, the truck drivers.

    I know how to knit, sew, make quilts, embroider and crochet. They are great skills to know in times like these and to know how to cook and make a little stretch a very long way.

  2. Eileen Hightower says

    P.S. Besides Braveheart, my other favorite is Tombstone with Kurt Russell. Love the lines in that movie.

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