History, Culture, And Leadership

If you haven't done so, look at the previous blog entry on culture and leadership. You'll see that this is a new activity of mine for a client. I'd like to add a point from history here. The group we know as the "Founding Fathers" (George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and so on) were very concerned with culture. They believed that a foundational part of self-government depended on the … [Read more...]

Four Key Points on Thomas Jefferson and Leadership

Here are the four key points I used yesterday in my session on Jefferson and leadership. As you know, this was my first offering of the session. So, these were the immediate four points that jumped out at me in designing the material. I think you'll see their immediate relevance to you. First, Jefferson had extraordinary vision. Your leadership begins with and revolves around a single key trait … [Read more...]

First Reaction to Thomas Jefferson

I'm always interested in reactions to particular facts about my historical figures and topics. With a new topic like Thomas Jefferson, I'm doubly curious. Here's what they visibly and audibly reacted to--- Jefferson liked to hum or sing to himself. By all accounts, whenever you met Jefferson on the street, his estate, in his house, and so forth, nine times out of ten he would be softly humming or … [Read more...]