First Reaction to Thomas Jefferson

I’m always interested in reactions to particular facts about my historical figures and topics. With a new topic like Thomas Jefferson, I’m doubly curious. Here’s what they visibly and audibly reacted to—

Jefferson liked to hum or sing to himself. By all accounts, whenever you met Jefferson on the street, his estate, in his house, and so forth, nine times out of ten he would be softly humming or singing to himself. He was a great lover of classical music, so that’s probably what he would have been humming or singing. In yesterday’s session I stirred the group’s interest by humming a part of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, a piece that Jefferson knew quite well.

It’s rather intriguing to think that you are hearing and using a specific musical piece that someone like Jefferson enjoyed more than 200 years ago.

Anyway, there’s your answer to my question. Why do you think my group liked this fact so much? One thing to check out–I’ve posted another blog entry about my four main points on Jefferson and your leadership. You can find it by looking at the index to my blog along the left-hand side of the page.