For My Liberal Friends

Having offered a gentle nudge to my conservative friends, I take the same opportunity to do the same for my liberal friends. Consider below one of the greatest failings of modern liberalism.

That would be in the response to collectivist governments in foreign affairs and international tensions.

Around the end of the nineteenth century, liberalism became identified with collectivism. That affinity between the two led liberals in America in the 20th century to look upon such movements as communism, socialism, and fascism with far too much leniency. Most especially, American liberals found themselves tending to suspect that most international crises were the product of American action. In particular, this was the liberal worldview of the Cold War.

That takes us to today and the clear indications that President Barack Obama believes the Cold War was nothing to be “won” and wasn't even worth “fighting.”

And so, as I did with my conservative friends with the civil rights movement, I urge my liberal friends to reflect on what their ideology might have done differently with collectivism and the Cold War. It's a critical exercise as we head into the future.