A Surprising Sight From My Jeep

Sitting in my Jeep outside a community college, I was early to my meeting yesterday. I had about 20-30 minutes before my meeting, so I picked up a book that I’ve been keeping in the car for just such occasions. While reading, I noticed something about the people—the students—who were slowly arriving in their vehicles and walking into the class building. Woman; woman; woman; woman; and woman; and by the 13th one it became amazingly clear to me: every student I had seen was female, anywhere between 18 and 40 years old. It wasn’t until the 14th person that I finally saw a guy. I’ve read articles about the prevalence of women in college and the disappearance of men, but now I saw it right in front of me. Oh, by the way, are you wondering the title of the book I was reading while all this was going on? Here it is—Founding Mothers, The Women of the American Revolution. How’s that for irony?