TTP: Stronger Stuff In The Glasses

“The Trump Rule” was a creation of mine back in December 2016. Over a tasty lunchtime fare of chicken and salad, I shared with workshop participants three stories from the American past to help them understand the emerging Trump Presidency. After each story and as the cookie tray was passed around the table, I offered a takeaway.

The Trump Rule was one of my takeaways.

I told folks that the reality of President Donald Trump would guarantee he would show up in their workplaces, whether they liked him or not. My point was that he would be so disruptive—an adapted version of Andrew Jackson—that employees, customers, clients, stakeholders, vendors, and everyone else in their work day would be talking about Trump, arguing about Trump, clashing over Trump, and so on. That reality of a constant appearance in the workplace conversation was “The Trump Rule.”

As the coffee and iced tea were poured, I warned my workshop participants that as leaders, they would be confronted with how to manage and deal with these interactions. There would be no escaping the Trump Rule.

The recent uproar over the holding or separating of immigrant adults and children reminded me again of the Trump Rule. 

Maybe next time, I’ll have my workshop hosts—the Capitol Grille, usually—add fermented or brewed adult beverages to the menu.

Might be just the additive for the next discussion of the Trump Rule.