The Leadership Now Walkshop-Learning You Will Never Forget

A Special Service from Historical Solutions LLC & Dr. Dan Miller

To See, Smell, Touch, Hear, & Feel
Is To Learn, Know, & Grow as a Leader

What’s The Goal? To prepare you as a leader for the next big, shocking change

What’s The Method? You are one of a 3-5 person group that walks to 5 places vital to the story of our 28-year old leader on July 9, 1862.

Who Is He? Benjamin Harrison. For the past 15 months he has wrestled over what to do since he first heard in April 1861 about the start of the Civil War. Now, in July 1862, he makes his decision. You will walk to the 5 spots in downtown Indianapolis, doing what Harrison did on that fateful day.

What else? Beginning 2-3 weeks before the Walkshop, you’ll receive emails that represent one month of time in the life of Harrison and the Civil War, from April 1861 to July 1862. In each email I summarize the month’s key events for Harrison, the Civil War, and the lessons for you. You’ll experience the fascinating river of time that takes him to the day of decision.

What’s the result for me? Preparation, both personally and professionally, for what to do when the next big, shocking event explodes onto the scene. And make no mistake: that big, shocking event is coming.

Length and Location? The Walkshop occurs in downtown Indianapolis, usually from 8:30am to 11am, though that time can be adjusted. The first hour is for walking, while the remaining hour-and-a-half is for coffee, debriefing, and interactive reflection. We meet on the southeast lawn of the Indiana Statehouse. I will arrange a date that works mutually well for the 3-5 people who comprise the Walkshop group.

Cost? $275, due at invoicing, and covers all written materials prior to the date and refreshments on the date itself. Call Dr. Dan Miller at 317-407-3687 or email to register.

What have other participants said who have done this?
David: “what a great concept! Dan selected the key sites that were formative in Benjamin Harrison’s decision process. It made the story of Harrison’s leadership dilemma come to life. As we walked and talked, we got a chance to process events and facts at a pace that Harrison himself would have processed them. Yet, with the sounds of modern Indianapolis surrounding us, we got to see how the decisions Harrison made were just as relevant to use today. You can’t read enough to get a sense of the story that Dan provides. You can’t walk the streets yourself and understand what was going through Harrison’s mind. It was Dan’s story-telling and his understanding of the challenges of leadership that made the Walkshop a huge success.”

Trent: “Dr. Dan Miller’s recent Walkshop provided enlightening insight into the rich history of areas we pass by frequently but rarely stop to consider. From the Walkshop I took away 2-3 very practical lessons and memories which have helped me grow as a person and a leader. I found the Walkshop to be extremely helpful to my understanding of local history through being in the various places where the historical events took place, visually providing a more lasting imprint and memory of the events we discussed. Two specific stories in particular will now have a place in my list of ‘set pieces’ which I have used to demonstrate points in my own presentations and interactions. I have more of an appreciation for our downtown area, and I am a better leader due to my participation. I highly recommend participation and will myself take advantage of future Walkshops.”