Leadership Now Workshop-March 1, 2013-Lincoln and Buy-In

A Special Service from Historical Solutions LLC & Dr. Dan Miller
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You as a leader are constantly wondering about buy-in—do my followers support my vision? How deep is their support? Will they stay the course?

How can you prepare? An important way, often overlooked, is history. A creative, insightful knowledge of a specific part of the past will help you see more clearly into the future.

What’s Part of History Is Useful Here? Abraham Lincoln confronted the same questions about buy-in during September 1862. He faced a crisis of incredible proportions—not only was the American Union in peril, but he actually wondered if one of his own armies, the Army of the Potomac, would seek to take control of the U.S federal government. Lincoln decided to visit them to find out about their buy-in.

What is this Workshop? You’ll be part of a small group that explores Lincoln’s visit in depth. You’ll encounter what he encountered, analyze what he analyzed, and evaluate the options he evaluated. And then you’ll make decisions and act on them and feel the consequences, as all leaders must do.

These things are timeless. They have meaning for leaders and followers across the generations.

What are the details? The Workshop occurs on March 1, from 10am to 1pm, at Fort Harrison Conference Center in Indianapolis. Cost is $250 per person and includes the 3-hour session, lunch, and a private, confidential, and face-to-face follow-up meeting in the weeks after the Workshop.

What’s the result for me? You’ll leave with 4 specific takeaways for you to use in your leadership, with your followers, in situations that are important in your work and life.

To register call, Dr. Dan Miller at 317-407-3687 or email at dan@historicalsolutions.com.

This is a highly creative, impactful, and long-lasting learning experience. You’ll gain access to one of life’s most overlooked resources for growth and development—history.