I Wish You Didn’t Need To Know This–But You Do

  • The three key examples are Winston Churchill, A&P Stores, and Grumman Company. Each of them showed outstanding leadership in the late 1930s, a time of deepening economic crisis–after a previous economic crisis. All three examples will help you re-energize your personal leadership and will also give you specific takeaways to use with your followers and, just as importantly, with yourself.
  • When I say “use” I mean use–right now. I have designed the takeaways to be put into action immediately in your leadership, not next year or some indefinite point in the future. You can’t wait. You need to act now in your leadership, and I’ve crafted this seminar to do exactly that.
  • Yes, I know, Churchill is British, not American. However, he is so intimately tied up with the American experience that he’s essentially an extension of the American story. And don’t forget, his mother, whom he revered, was American.
  • Churchill will inspire you, no question about it. His story in the late 1930s will reinforce your courage, stiffen your spine. We need such help now more than ever.
  • The two companies–A&P and Grumman–will also be inspirational. My core point with them, though, is for you to see leadership in an organizational setting not wholly different from your own situation. You’ll be surprised at how effectively we can translate the lessons and learnings from then to now, from them to you.
  • I want to keep this group small. That’s why I’ve limited the seating capacity. The smallness of the group will enable us to dig deep, to dirty our hands.
  • The cost of $250 is a major bargain. I doubt you’ll spend an equivalent amount this year where you’ll find so much personal gain.
  • I’m focused on the practical and the usable. These sessions hammer away at applicability in your various leadership arenas, ranging from individual work to overall community.
  • 317-407-3687. Call me and register. If you prefer, send me an email. Either way, get it done so you can get a seat. Thanks in advance.