Excavating January 30th

The Tet offensive began on January 30, 1968. As an event, it occurred throughout winter and spring of 1968. As a leadership story, it illustrates the powerful clash between facts and perceptions. Take a look at my 4-minute video here for a quick exploration of Tet and your leadership.

After you’re done, consider these questions for your leadership:

  • Have I had an experience where I’ve seen a gap between facts on the ground and perception in the air? What happened?
  • What would I do differently now? What worked for me that I would repeat now?
  • How does the information surrounding me now affect the potential gap between facts on the ground and perceptions in the air? Has the speed and volume made it more or less difficult to shorten the gap?

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss your answers. Also, I’d be happy to develop a module around the story of Tet. It’s a very compelling part of the American Experience.