Creative Conversations

A Personal Leadership Service from Dr. Dan Miller of Historical Solutions LLC

For the last 18 months, I’ve been offering a new and exciting form of leadership growth for my clients. It’s called “Creative Conversations.” At this point, I’ve had six people who’ve fruitfully gone through the experience and emerged with a clearer sense, appreciation, and idea of where they’ve been, where they are, and where they’re going.

Creative Conversations is a private, one-on-one learning experience. It’s entirely confidential and fully customized. And it is rooted in my unique approach to your growth as a leader—the use of history for your today and your tomorrow. What’s more, my use of history for you will be based on my concept of The River. Your life—and the live of any one person in history—is a river.

Why Would You Consider Doing Creative Conversations?

1. It’s eye-opening. You’ll see options and choices ahead of you that you almost never would have seen otherwise. They pertain to career, calling, and more.

2. It’s strategic. You’ll be better able to discern what’s ahead in the gray mass of an unfinished life as well as be better equipped to re-examine the equally gray mass of that part of your life already finished.

3. It’s engaging. You’ve never been challenged or inspired by an approach like this. It’s totally unique and refreshing.

Here’s how it works:

· In an initial meeting, you and I will lay out the key points of Your Personal River. It spans your personal history and includes whatever you think is important in work, education, family, relationships, and more. You decide what’s important in Your River.

· Then, using Your River, I suggest historical figures, historical events, or historical moments that I think best match up next to Your Personal River. This allows you and I to lay your experience alongside a specific piece of history.

· In usually two or three sessions, we explore the key points, revelations, and take-aways from these historical Rivers for Your Own River.

· In each session, the first 30 minutes consist of me presenting a powerpoint on the selected historical topic. The final 30 (or more) minutes involve you and I examining key questions that link the history to Your River.

· After each session, I’ll craft a Guide Book for you that captures the key points of our dialogue as well as offers specific takeaways and reflections for you to consider as you move forward.

And rest assured—the outcomes will be striking for your personal growth as a leader.
My fee is $250 per direct hour of meeting. Each meeting is usually one hour. Everything is confidential. Call me at 317-407-3687 to sign up or to set a time for us to talk further about it.