A Leadership Walkshop

· The title of this 2-part Leadership Walkshop is “Plans, Shocks, And Your Leadership: Two Walks In the Civil War Experience Of Benjamin Harrison.”
· A maximum of 5 people can participate in a walking group.

· When registering for the Walkshop, you are registering to participate in both Walkshops. I have decided not to permit people to select one Walkshop and not the other in this particular service. Registration guarantees you both Walkshops.

· The Walkshop is approximately 2 hours in length. We will walk for the first 45 minutes, roughly. The final 75 minutes will be spent sitting around a table and enjoying coffee, discussing the walk, and reflecting on the meaning of Harrison’s experience 150 years ago in light of your leadership today and tomorrow.

· The walking portion will include stops at 3-4 sites of my selection, each of which pertains directly to Harrison’s life in 1861 (Walkshop #1 on April 12) and 1862 (Walkshop #2 on July 9). We’ll talk as we walk and as we stop at each site. Rest assured, I have carefully chosen each site as a very meaningful piece of the overall story and its connection to you. I will only reveal them as we walk.

· Walkshop #1 is from 8:30am to 10:30am on Thursday, April 12, 2012. This is the actual date when Benjamin Harrison first learned of the Confederate firing on Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, South Carolina. We now know that this signaled the start of the Civil War. Our focus in this Walkshop will be on the collision between your personal plans and a shocking external event that has the potential to smash those plans.

· Walkshop #2 is from 8:30am to 10:30am on Monday, July 9, 2012. This is the precise date when he decided to join the Union Army, nearly 16 months into the Civil War. This Walkshop will emphasize the path of decision-making in absorbing the shock of a major external event and translating it into a personal action and outcome. Once again, we’ll be walking to 3-4 sites, lasting approximately 45 minutes, followed up with roughly 75 minutes of discussion and reflection over coffee.

· In between the two Walkshops I’ll be interacting with you on several occasions, usually via email or phone but sometimes face-to-face, if you prefer. I’ll be sure to keep you informed of several key points in Harrison’s life as he travels in His Personal River toward the decision to volunteer for combat. In addition, I’ll be working with you to crystallize the links between you and Harrison. Harrison’s is a leadership journey of the deepest sort and you will gain immensely from it.

· I’ll contact you about exact starting locations, ending locations, parking, and other logistical details as we get closer to the date of each Walkshop. Both Walkshops will occur in the downtown area of Indianapolis and will span a few blocks.

· Cost is $400 (that includes both Walkshops, coffee, materials, and all between-session interaction). The fee is due before April 12 and is nonrefundable. Invoices will be provided.

· Call me at 317-407-3687 or email me at dan@historicalsolutions.com to register. This will be a very memorable learning experience for you, leaving an impression that will last your entire life. The story of Benjamin Harrison in 1861-1862 in these two walks is dramatic, stirring, and full of meaning for you both now and in the years ahead.