3 Sharpened Pieces of the Puzzle

Here is your 2-minute video invitation to a leadership event that is like no other you’ll attend in 2017. “3 Pieces of the Puzzle” prepares you to deepen your success as a leader during the Trump years ahead. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h0rkOVPmig

When you attend “3 Sharpened Pieces of the Puzzle,” I’ll offer you three takeaways for your leadership. I call them Paddles because I think your life goes like a river, from birth to death, from Point A to Point Z, with the movement and passage of time in between flowing in one direction—forward—like a river. In 90 minutes on February 17, you’ll get exceptional food, high-quality dialogue and conversation, and three Paddles for use as you go “Down River.” To register, text or call me at 317-407-3687.

Remember, I also offer a coaching service, Creative Conversations as I call it. That’s where I learn more about you and then recommend a leader from history whose life you’ll travel like the River I describe above. We meet for an agreed-upon number of sessions, roughly an hour each, and in each session you’ll go down a stretch of time in that leader’s life. In the session I give you three Paddles for use in your leadership. After the session, I write and give to you a “Guide Book.” In the Guide Book I explain more about the Paddles and the ways I think you might want to use them. The Guide Book is usually four pages in length. Cost is $250 per session-hour. More than 40 clients have used Creative Conversations. Some of them are on their 4th River with me. I think that’s a testimony to how unique and effective it is.

Give it some thought. You deserve to go down the River of a leader from history and find for yourself the lessons that can enrich and enhance your leadership in 2017. Meanwhile, hope to see you on Feb 17 or perhaps at another date in your community or organization. All the best, Dan