Leadership Now: Ronald Reagan, The Challenger, and Leadership of Tragedy

On January 31, 2011, I will be holding my second Leadership Now Seminar. The topic will be the Challenger disaster of early 1986 and the way in which President Ronald Reagan dealt with the communication of this news to the American people. The theme of this Leadership Now Seminar will be the role of leadership in understanding tragedy. More information on this session will be forthcoming. It is open to the public, though there are limited slots–twelve, in fact. The session will be 3 hours in length (10am-1pm). The cost is $250, and includes lunch and refreshments. Each participant will also receive one month of private, individualized follow-up after the session. Both the session and the follow-up will emphasize real-world, practical takeaways or “paddles” as I call them (in my river analogy–see the blog index for more explanation). This will be a very unique, moving, and foundational experience for you as a leader. Contact me immediately to reserve one of the¬†twelve slots for yourself or someone you know.