Double Turn

Let’s elaborate on one of my points from the previous post. You’ll note that I watched a river earlier today. I’d like to say a little more about the double-turn I saw down river. It’s a good point to hold up for our own lives.

Looking a short distance down river, I saw that the river soon makes a noticeable bend to the left and then, not more than a few yards from there, another bend in almost the opposite direction.

My thought was that you could be in good position for making the first bend but find yourself in a totally awkward or difficult position for the second bend. The high water from rain and snow made the possibility of a problem with the double-turn all the more likely. I’d guess that six of every ten times, at least, you’d experience real strain with this double-turn.

Sounds familiar, perhaps? In your life you see a turn coming. You prepare. You do it. And then, wham, a second turn immediately thereafter catches you off-guard. The good position you thought you would have suddenly becomes a stretch of trouble. You were prepared for one. You were not prepared for the other.

I think my conclusion is that you would do well to expect that few turns are lonely. I bet that most turns come in pairs, multiples, one together with another. As you act to prepare for the turns in life, prepare for them in sets.