Three Historical Faces of Peyton Manning

My upcoming Leadership Now Workshop on Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts will feature a very unusual look at history. This might intrigue you.

I’m not referring to either sports or the current/present status of the subject matter.

I’m planning on exploring history in three different forms. The first form will be the fresh history of the topic itself—the injury to Manning. The second form will be the longer history of Manning with the Colts. The third form will be the much broader history of Manning himself (or, as someone put it to me: when did Manning become Manning?). 

I’ll be encouraging Workshop attendees to think about these three slices of history in their own lives, in their own organizations. It will be a fascinating and highly beneficial exercise for both personal and leadership development.

To register for this iteration of the Leadership Now Workshop on January 20th in Indianapolis, please call me at 317-407-3687.