Robert E. Lee, Mexico, And His Big Decision

I’m reading a biography of Robert E. Lee right now. The section I completed a few days ago pertained to the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. Lee is a captain of engineers in the conflict, though he quickly earns promotion. The point that was clearest to me was that you can sense the potential in this event for Lee’s subsequent decision to leave the U.S. Army in 1861. In the Mexican War, Lee is exasperated by the behavior of several American senior military officers and political officials. You can discern in his caustic remarks a strong disgust for the American national government. I know it might said I’m reading with hindsight, that I’m reading into an earlier situation the trend of events that happen subsequently. Nevertheless, I still maintain that the outlines of Lee’s future conduct in 1861 can be seen by 1848.