A Twist On Better Listening

Listening, we’re told, is one of the keys to leadership. Instead of smashing ahead with only their thoughts and desires in mind, a leader listens. A leader listens to others. 

We’re also told that there is more than simply listening. There is active listening. That’s when you’re engaged and connected to the other person or other people—those to whom you’re listening—that you can practically repeat what they’ve said. It’s not enough to be a listener or even a good listener. The experts tell us to be active listeners. 


But I wonder about something else. Who is it I should listen to? That’s a very good question.

Do I listen to followers? To customers? To clients? To casual observers? To an inner voice? To my conscience? To my God? To society? To something or someone else?

Listening by itself is fine. Active listening or whatever other trendy jargony label is out there is also fine. 

I just think that history shows us the value of knowing to whom and what we should listen as well as how to sort and arrange them in the face of changing circumstances.