Lillian Wald and the Partnership of Leadership

I’m guiding a client of my Creative Conversations down the Lillian Wald River. Wald began the concept and position of public health nursing in the 1890s (starting in New York City). She illustrates a previous posting of mine regarding the partnership of leadership.

Many leaders discover the need to join with someone else in pursuing their vision. A leader finds an ally, peer, friend, or colleague who helps them strive ahead. For Wald, the partnership of leadership flowered in her relationship with Jacob Schiff. Schiff was, like Wald, Jewish. He was a wealthy financier who lived in New York City. He learned of Wald’s work with immigrant mothers. Wald went into their homes to teach them hygiene and basic healthcare for their babies and themselves. Schiff was so captivated by Wald’s work that he funded the start-up of a visiting nurses program and thus the concept of public health nursing took flight.

Lillian Wald and, more importantly, the people for whom she cared received invaluable assistance because of the partnership of leadership between Wald and Schiff.

You and your followers can enjoy a similar benefit from the partnership of leadership.