Theodore Roosevelt And You

I’m wrapping up a Creative Conversation service for a client. We’ve used Theodore Roosevelt River alongside the client’s River and found some pretty amazing points in the linkage. Here’s something that you should know about TR River and how it might help you.

Today’s American presidency significantly reflects the imprint of Roosevelt. Many of the informal powers and habits of the President in 2012 comes from practices started by Roosevelt, 1901-1908.

And Roosevelt didn’t even have the platform of a major war or economic calamity to use in developing these powers and habits. Unlike so many of the American Presidents that we associate with expanding the powers of this office–Lincoln in the Civil War, Woodrow Wilson in World War I, and Franklin Roosevelt in the Great Depression and World War II–Theodore Roosevelt expanded the Presidency through sheer force of will, of belief, of conviction.

Think about this for yourself–do you act like TR in relying on your inner sense when pushing beyond the established borders of your position, or do you prefer to have an important event provide an opening for doing so?