The Balance From History

I chuckle at some of these leadership sayings. Here’s a hoot: “leaders don’t complain about what’s not working. Leaders celebrate what is working and work to amplify it.”

I wonder how much celebrating George Washington was doing when he faced the ruin of the American cause in late 1776. I wonder how much amplifying of the good Abraham Lincoln did when one of his sons died from illness during the worst months of the Civil War. I wonder how much Martin Luther King, Jr didn’t complain when he learned that the latest state court ruling had just gone against him in 1963.

History is a balancer. It balances your understandable hope for things to go well and to turn out well with as little fuss and mess as possible. An effective knowledge of history can equally provide hope and inspiration in those times when everything seems stacked against you.

History is a balancer. It’s my ministry to help you understand this and use it in your leadership.