Learning From Benghazi

You’ve simply got to find a copy of today’s Wall Street Journal. In it you’ll find a front-page article on the current state of the Benghazi, Libya issue. That’s the event where the radical Islamic terrorists killed four Americans on September 11, 2012, including the US Ambassador to Libya.

The Journal article, a lengthy and detailed piece, is a compelling exploration into the development of the infamous “talking points” used by Obama Administration officials in explaining falsely the nature and substance of the event.

It’s an excellent story on two fronts. First, and I admit this might interest only a small group of people, it shows you the exposure of irregular warfare on a strategic level. Second, and this is much more pertinent to your daily life as a leader, it reveals the dangers of bureaucratic processes in analyzing information.

You are a leader. You use information to judge and decide. This story is a cautionary tale of the disastrous consequences of relying on group think in pressure situations. Learn the wisdom of history written in the Benghazi experience.