Launching A Free, Fast, New Service

Remember what I’ve said before that I do stuff that strikes me as fun? Well, another example began yesterday. Pass it along to someone you know in the appropriate position.

I’m calling it “Quick Points.” I’ve designed it for chief executive officers and people in similar positions within an organized entity. It’s an email that I send out, oh, perhaps once a month. In this Quick Point I offer a brief reminder about a key aspect of leadership that the CEO should remember for either him/her self or their followers. Each Quick Point has a historical root. You’ve probably already guessed that!

I wonder if this strikes you the wrong way. Am I excluding others or implying that CEOs are somehow special? No.

That doesn’t change the reality that it’s a different set of tasks, responsibilities, duties, and much more when you’re the person in charge of everyone else in an entity. I’ve done it and I can tell you this–it’s a different thing. My Quick Point seeks to reflect that reality.

If you’re a CEO (or know someone who is), contact me to get on the list.