Fast Versus Vast: Your Leadership

Wow–this might be something worthwhile. A thought strikes me. How does the fast vs. vast time dynamic (see previous post) apply to your leadership?

Answer–in big and real ways. Think for a minute about trying to launch a major new project, initiative, or strategy with your followers at work. How much of their reaction to it will be the result of fast vs. vast? Quite a bit, by my reckoning.

In addition to whatever specific, discrete details surround your proposed change at work, your followers are neck deep in their personal fast vs. vast time dynamic. This would only reinforce their caution, uncertainty, and occasional confusion about how to enact the change you’re introducing. They likely navigate their personal fast vs. vast dynamic by holding fast to some set of principles, values, beliefs, or assumptions (by the way, I’m not denigrating religion or spirituality here or to equalize¬†fundamental truths embedded in these four categories). My point is that they have to hold to something in the midst of fast vs. vast. And you, as the introducer of this particular change, will and must have an ability to show them clearly what they need to grip in order to move forward.

“Fast vs. vast” might just be something important for you to know.