A Favor To Yourself: The Life Of Ronald Reagan

-Please, set aside whatever your political affiliations for a moment. I urge you to find the time and, just as challenging in today’s world, the mental space, to look more closely at the life of Ronald Reagan. I did this on behalf of a client in my Creative Conversation service. The client’s Personal River–past, present, and future–found powerful takeaways from our journey down Ronald Reagan River.

Incredible in the best sense of that word.

Among the many things that will stay with me for a long time is the connection between Regean’s legacy and his last public speech. Both supporters and opponents alike will, today, frequently remark on the optimism and friendliness of Reagan. This enduring feeling harkens back to his last major public speech, in 1992, where he said that he hoped he would be remembered for appealing to people’s best side, their best instincts.

It is a live well-lived when the qualities we hope we’ve exhibited are the same that people remember years after our passing.