A Wiser View Of Wooden

Long-time UCLA basketball coach John Wooden is one of my leadership development modules. He, along with Peyton Manning, comprise the only sports-related modules I offer among my nearly 60 seminars, workshops, and case studies of leadership in history.

You gain more from Wooden when you have a wiser, or wisened, view of him. This is what happened–Wooden tolerated the behavior of a UCLA alumnus, Sam Gilbert, who gave Wooden’s players money, cars, gifts, and favors. Wooden coached and taught and essentially preached a right way of doing things all the while accepting the presence of a violater of rules, laws, and ethics.

Learn from Wooden, the entirety of Wooden. He’s no different from you and me. There are good sides, bad sides, and sides in between.

I urge you to take a wiser view of Wooden.