Fast Versus Vast: Time, Your Life, and History Unfolding

In your life time acts in two very strange, seemingly contradictory ways. On one hand, time is fast. You know what I mean–the years since some big event in your life pass more quickly than you ever expect. High school, college, wedding, birth of a child, and more, each of these rushes by so fast you can’t believe it. But on the other hand, time is vast. By this I’m referring to all of the things that make even a short time ago seem like eons ago. How about our latest 4th of July holiday? Has a lot happened to you since then? I’ll bet it has. What about last Christmas? Does it seem like five lifetimes of stuff has occurred since then? Probably so. This is the vastness of time.

Fast and vast. Time moves in equally opposite ways with exactly the same person.

Albert Einstein said, famously, that time is relative. Sure is. From my vantage point, looking at fast versus vast, time is also schizophrenic.