A Technique For Some Of You

I’m offering out a personal technique or practice that will be of interest to a few of you. Before I share it, permit me to provide a filtering comment and question–if you are at least somewhat spiritual and/or Christian, please read on; if not, you might be offended or ruffled by my suggestion, proceed with caution.

So, having done that, let’s proceed.

In the last several months I’ve started a personal action that you might find intriguing. Toward the time when I naturally wake up–usually around 5am or 5:30am–I tell myself in a half-wakened state the following:

Remember to pray in thanks for the gift of one more day.

That’s it, a simple prayer. Now, later on, I’ll pray more extensively. But in the point between sleep and wakefulness, I begin each day with this small exchange with my Maker. Thanks for the gift of one more day. For me, this makes a tremendous difference in the day ahead. It sets my mind on the best possible foundation for keeping my will in proper harness.

Again, I don’t mean to preach or indulge in piety. It’s just a friendly suggestion.