Did Goshen Think Of This Too?

Sorry to give it another go in this round but couldn’t help myself. I wonder if the dons, deans, and dolts at Goshen College have also banned the Old Testament. I’m no Biblical scholar and certainly no expert spiritual pacifist, but the Old Testament is rife with war and warlike text. You better be ignoring Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, and a host of others. Lest you get the wrong idea, I’m not a modern-day Spartan or Roman warrior. I just think that common sense suggests and dictates the understanding¬†of one of humankind’s basic flaws–the use of violence. The trick is to restrain it, control it, and curtail it in every possible instance. Greed is a flaw and sin, too, but I don’t see Goshen or other similar institutions banning the use of money, banks, and all the rest.