Smallness And Bigness For Us

Another thought stems from the previous post. At the same time that we revel in the wonder of the small, we live in an organizational evolution that resulted from 1893. Our organizations and scales in our present day are massive. Vast. Global, interconnected. You dial a call about a particular service and the call is answered in southeast Asia by a person who can then gain control of your keyboard. One world.

If you stand at 1893 you can logically extrapolate this state living from the enormous machines of the Columbian Exposition. Big machines, big organizations, big networks.

But, sitting uneasily alongside this extrapolated bigness, we have the marvel of the unseen, the tiny.

It’s not such a surprise to think about why the future may not be fully attractive to us in 2013. This pair of points don’t fit well, the big and the small, don’t fit well together.