Small Business, New Business

One of my alumni shared an interesting point with me the other day. This person was surprised to learn that I have several small businesses and entrepreneurs among my clientele. The assumption, I guess, was that I would only have large or medium-sized businesses using my history-based work in leadership development. Is that your assumption?

I told this individual that small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures of 100 or fewer employees frequently like my history-based approach. I think it’s because many of my historical case studies pertain to a leader who interacts with a handful of followers. In addition, the scale of a leader with 100 or fewer followers often means that the group’s overall success or failure can hinge upon one person’s actions. These dynamics are common among small business owners.

The other aspect of my work that attracts small business owners and entrepreneurs is a statement of mine that you may have heard or read–that starting up a business or organization is very different from founding a business or organization. It’s a vital point, one I think you might like learning more about in a future video.

If you know of a small business owner or entrepreneur who would be interested in learning about my history-based work, please encourage them to contact me.