One of Those Unforgettable Questions

I suspect every father, every parent, has a mental list of those unforgettable questions that a child asks. I’m referring not so much here to actual questions that seek factual answers. I’m referring to the moment that is frozen in time by the excited outburst of a son or daughter. Let me explain.

Our oldest daughter, age nine, takes horseback riding lessons. She loves it. During one of her first lessons on “posting,” she struggled to get the knack of the technique. One or two lessons later, when I happened to be in attendance, she nailed it. She “posted” superbly, and she knew she had done so. As the lesson ended, she raced over to me at a full sprint and shouted with pure joy–“Dad! Dad! Did you see me? Did you see me do it?!?!”

I thought to myself that this was a moment I’d never forget. And I won’t. It was one of those truly unforgettable questions.

Do you have one from your children?