A New Favorite Of Mine: Priscilla

I’ve now presented to a private client my module on Priscilla. The venue was my one-on-one coaching service entitled Creative Conversations. My client asked if anyone had written a book about Priscilla. That’s a sign that the module went well.

The answer to the client’s question is: no. No book has been written on Priscilla. As I said to the client, we don’t know a lot of hard data about Priscilla. I gestured to my coffee cup—the amount of factual information on Priscilla fills a small coffee cup and nothing more.

In case you’re wondering, Priscilla is mentioned a handful of times in the Apostle Paul’s Letters, the ones that comprise the bulk of the Bible’s New Testament. As I said, you’re drinking from a small coffee cup.

But you know what? I’ve just realized that an ordinary sized cup of coffee and an espresso are mostly the same things in quantity. For what they are, they’re small. The key is the content, the nature of the stuff inside. And as you and I both know, the espresso packs a big wallop.

Priscilla is a long-forgotten figure from the first century, Christian Era. She was an amazing leader. She combined the introspective with the extroactive. She left an imprint on the people who knew her and, through them, continues to leave an imprint on us. Priscilla is among my new favorites at the history-leadership ministry of Historical Solutions LLC.