The Lincoln Way

Next week I am scheduled to be one of the featured speakers at an event. In trying to practice what I preach, I’m using history.

In this case, I’m following the example of Abraham Lincoln. Whenever Lincoln had a speech to give, he developed it in a unique way. He would mull the speech in his mind before he wrote anything. He found ideas, phrases, words, and images that best fit the occasion. Then, and only then, he began to write. He wrote more than one draft, making numerous changes and corrections. Next, he practiced the speech, sometimes alone and sometimes with someone in attendance. Finally, after all this, he gave the speech.

Step One: reflect and formulate material in your mind. Step Two: write it down. Step Three: rewrite it. Step Four: practice delivery. Step Five: deliver to the audience.

That’s the Lincoln Way and I’m following it right now.