Today’s Presentation: The 96 Hours

A little later this evening I’ll be presenting on buy-in and leadership. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite topics and modules. The history here is the 96 hours that Abraham Lincoln lived, October 1 through October 4, 1862.

Several people have asked me to write a book around this stretch of days. I think they’re right. I should write a book.

In fact, maybe I’ll broaden the topic slightly to include two other short spans of time. One is the 24 hours in mid-November 1863, the event of the Gettysburg Address. The other is the 12 hours of early April 1865 where Lincoln walks through Richmond, Virginia.

The constants are leadership, Lincoln, battlefields, and direct contact and communication with followers and decisions and events.

132 hours of some of the most important history in the American experience.

By God, I think I’ll do it.