A Peek At Tippecanoe

Tomorrow is the newest module, my exploration of the world of the Battle of Tippecanoe and its relationship to leadership and change. Two things that must be shared with you right now are:

  • this piece of River is like diving off a cliff into change. My participants in tomorrow’s session are going to see aspects of change that they haven’t faced as starkly as they will in this module. Among them is the reality of what I’m calling the “mid-event.” A mid-event is something that you expect will have a major, clear-cut impact but as things unfold has a much different and subtle set of effects that you ever imagined. A mid-event in change is more than the small, day-to-day stuff that bogs you down and yet is not quite the heralded goal or end-state toward which you’re striving. It’s a strange and compelling “mid-event.”
  • your past is a monumental source for explaining your reaction to, approach to, and commitment to change. My participants will see three powerful examples of it in William Henry Harrison, Tecumseh, and Tenskwatawa.

Maybe you can think about using this fascinating module with your followers or in your organization.