Father and Daughter

GetAttachment (1)Have you ever sensed a fundamental change in the time you have experienced? I’ll try to explain so that perhaps you can answer the question for yourself.

A few weeks ago, our oldest daughter—thirteen years-old—performed as one of the two co-leads in her school play. She performed three shows over the course of a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. She was flawless.

But I’m not going to say more of what you’re expecting—the father-praising-child thing (although I would be totally justified if I did so!).

I want to focus on my awareness of a shift of time beneath my feet.

During the weekend a powerful feeling came over me as I sat and watched her. I realized that part of the tie that I had with her had been cut, ever so quietly and without fanfare, but cut nonetheless.

She was no longer a young child completely dependent on me and willing to have it stay so. She wasn’t in need of my assistance on more things than not. She was free to enjoy the fruits of her hard work, to be in the moment with her friends, to place this special experience in her own past, make her own history.

Time shifted beneath me.

Now, of course we’re still father and daughter. She’s still a teenager. She needs me in many vital and important ways. Regardless, though, I can’t pretend it didn’t happen—time did shift and it won’t shift back. It will shift again, and again, and again. But it won’t shift back.

Every parent who is reading this understands what I’m saying. You’ve likely had this moment or another like it further Down River in the life of a son or daughter.

That’s not the nature of my question. Parents understand. What I’m asking about is whether you’ve sensed or felt this in situations other than parenting.

And so—what’s your answer?