A Client’s Question Out Of Left Field: Happily So


I always listen to my clients. Two weeks ago, a client from Louisville, Kentucky—a team from Humana—asked me if I could think of a way to use the Louisville Slugger Factory in a special leadership module for them. They are in the midst of planning a retreat that includes a tour of the Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum.

I happily said, “Yes!”

The past is everything and everywhere down to this moment. History, which is the basis of my module for Humana, is the partial reconstruction of the total past.

So, we’re going to dive deeper into the story not just of the Louisville Slugger Factory, but of a slice of time in the life of that organization. I’m helping the Humana team understand the powerful changes that hit the Louisville Slugger Factory in the 1910s, from 1911 to 1919. Our story will help the Humana team members learn more about how a leader copes with Major Change inside, outside, and all around an organization.

And you and I both know that the year 2017 will bring with it Major Change defined by massive challenges and unpredictable dynamics.

Except, and here’s my secret, we’ve seen elements of these challenges and dynamics before…in 1911-1919, to name just one example.

Batter up!