3 Pieces Of The Puzzle–My Upcoming Leadership Now Workshop

2017 Calender on the red cubes

Tuesday, November 22, is a day I’m excited about. That’s when, running from 11:30am to 1pm, I’ll be doing a special Leadership Now Workshop at Capital Grille in Indianapolis. The title is “3 Pieces Of The Puzzle: Using History To Clarify A Trump President And The Impact On Your Leadership.” The cost is $75 per person and includes an excellent lunch, meaningful fellowship, and powerful interaction. It’s designed for a small group; there are only a few seats left.

I’ll be taking everyone there through three compelling stories. We’ll explore what happened after the 1912 election, one that looks a lot like 2016 in rawness, harshness, and divisiveness. The immediate years of 1913-1917 contain important markers for where we might be headed 2017-2022. Also, we’ll delve into the founding presidential election of the Republican Party, in 1856, as a way of anticipating elements of the group’s re-founding after 2016 (an event I fully expect). Finally, we’ll compare Donald Trump now with the first Donald Trump in American history—the seventh president, Andrew Jackson. Toward that end, here’s a quote from a respected Jackson historian, Robert Remini, written a half-century ago: “He (Jackson) habitually judged other men’s loyalty by their personal regard for him.” Sound like anyone we know who will be in the White House?

I hope you’ll have the chance to participate (people don’t just attend my Workshops, they participate, too!) in this unique leadership learning experience. I’m confident you’ll leave the event well-fed, well-attended, and well-aware of new historical insight for your leadership.