Bill Clinton-The Last Moment?

President Bill Clinton delivers the keynote speech at tonight’s Democratic National Convention. I’d like to share a thought with you, but I want to be sure you read it in the spirit with which it’s intended. Here goes.

It doesn’t take a prophet to suggest this prediction. It might be that tonight is the last time that Bill Clinton delivers a formal piece of communication directly from a national stage and platform. It could very well be true that, in perhaps a few years, we look back and find that this was true.

If I’m right, tonight is history in the making, a stretch of River that will look much differently¬†with the anticipated perspective of Down River. We can place ourselves in both the present, the future, and the future past, all at the same time.

Have you ever done something that left you wondering if that was indeed the last time you’ll ever do it? An answer of yes to my question means that you, too, have just experienced the unusual dynamic of present, future, and future past.