A Prediction About What’s Happening: Covert War And The Obama Adminstration

Based on what I’ve read, I have this prediction–when we’re better able to read classified information, we’ll learn that the Obama Administration has been involved in waging a covert war against Iran. At the least, this involvement will pertain to sharing critical information with the Israelis, the British, or both. I say this because there has been a spate of unusual events relating to Iran–mysterious explosions and destruction of nuclear facilities in Iran, Iranian “students” ransacking a British embassy, British explusion of Iranian diplomats, and the attempted bombing of a diplomat in Washington DC. Everything points to the existence of a covert war between Iran and the West.

I include President Obama in this for two reasons. First, no such war or set of war-like activities could occur without some role of the U.S. Wouldn’t happen. Second, and perhaps more importantly, Obama has revealed a sort of personal penchant or affinity for covert operations. He appears to like them as tools of national security. 

Some of you may be surprised by my assertion regarding Obama. You might think it runs counter to his veiled disdain for military power generally and for American applications of armed power specifically. I suspect covert operations appeal to Obama on a couple of levels–they fascinate him as intellectual exercises in their planning and design (which he believes is one of his defining strengths), and they allow him to avoid the more complicated and sticky situations of dealing with allies, neutrals, and the vast difficulties of formal, regular warfare events (which I suspect subconsciously he knows are areas of vast personal weaknesses for him).